Investment Platform

We offer institutional products for clients wishing to invest in sustainable assets.

Our investors participate via funds, sub funds or specific investment vehicles. Our senior team has significant experience and strong asset management competencies from long careers leading and working at respected asset management companies.

 ECP’s institutional investment platform includes:

  • Risk management: ECP provides a central risk management layer in addition to the risk management strategy applied independently to each investment vehicle
  • Sustainability: the Earth DividendTM is applied to each underlying investment
  • Administration: outsourced to Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Guernsey) Limited
  • Compliance: the central infrastructure provides compliance services as appropriate to all areas of ECP activity
  • Finance and structuring: work to achieve optimal funding structures for the investors and investments
  • The investment products are established and led by the relevant ECP sector team, or via other companies in our group

See biographies in the Team section for more details.